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Sunvale Screenplay Contest
Table Read Actors Feedbacks

In May 2023, Sunvale Screenplay Contest produced a table read of the screenplay At the Mercy of Faith - Alternative Horror.

The actors recorded their reactions and feedbacks after recording the table read (video).

Black Feedback Film Festival

"At the Mercy of Faith is a solid script that digs deep into questions of faith and loss. It is visually powerful and an interesting exploration of some deep themes, centered around a very good character."

The Black List

"Simultaneously deeply personal and viscerally spectacular, "At the Mercy of Faith" is a powerful faith-based drama with a strong and clear spiritual theme that is raw and stirring."

LA Neo Noir Novel, Film, & Script Fest

"At the Mercy of Faith is indeed a faith-based roller coaster ride of supernatural and horror genre mixed in with a feel-good love story of redemption and self-actualization. I am honored to have read it before it is made into a great film."

LA Live Film Festival

"Samuel Lee Taylor is a seasoned and award-winning writer. We are very fortunate to be included in his choice of screenplay competition."

LA Live Film Fest Review.jpg
The Monthly Film Festival.png

The Monthly Film Festival

"With its clear messages and its detailed and philosophical character arc, At the Mercy of Faith is a story that certainly leaves a strong and lasting impression. It also offers a commentary on deeply relevant current issues in the vein of economic and social inequality for the modern times."

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